Quantum Angel Healing

Self-healing & energetic renewal

Quantum Angel Healing®

Based on the technique by Eva-Maria Mora, Quantum Angel Healing is a holistic energy therapy and communication with the angels.

An energy increase takes place in high vibrational/quantum fields of love, which activates your self-healing power.

Quite simply gentle, loving and powerful.

For all new beginnings, skin problems, illnesses, love and relationships, jobs:

blocking energies/emotions/codes/beliefs/programmes, etc. can stop you from carrying out your highest potential.

Healing, transformation and growth are possible.

Effective on all levels.

Away from fear and into the pure love that you are!

Preparation for customers

Beforehand, please take a salt bath using Dead Sea salt for around 20 minutes; make sure to bathe your forehead (potentially head) as well.

Alternatively, listen to the CD medium no.1 “The Golden Light Bathtub”.

That way, you’ll be perfectly prepared.

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I energetically clean my medial practice, including myself personally.

Then I use my learned breathing technique and connect with the archangels.

After that, your energy field is cleansed first.

The client takes a seat and speaks about their queried subject.

An intention is set.

First, we “bathe in the light of the highest frequency”, so to speak.

Very peaceful.

I then ask the angel to show me the formula for the solution.

The healing energy flows directly from the angels through my hand to your heart chakra.

A Lemurian crystal is then also applied as additional support.

It may go from warm to hot – transformation!

We say goodbye with gratitude.


Single Quantum Angel Healing® treatment

1 to 1 ¼ hrs.

AdultsCHF 175ChildrenCHF 115
TeensCHF 145Babies & animalsCHF 100

Each additional 15 minutes cost an extra CHF 30

Remote healing via telephone is also possible (I will call you on your mobile phone).

Light meditations live on-site/mediumistic sessions by request.